Candice Murdock

Candice Murdock is a versatile writer and problem solver who enjoys learning and trying new things.

Prior to joining the AHC Consulting team, Candice has taken on projects and positions that have added to her ever-growing skillset. Since graduating from the University of Missouri-St Louis in 2018, she has offered her time and talent as a communications volunteer for the Shuqualakian Scholarship Foundation.

After discovering the non-profit did not have a website to market itself to potential donors to and provide a platform to showcase their history, accomplishments, and events, Candice addressed this concern with the organization’s president. With the blessing of the Shuqualakian Scholarship Foundation’s president, Candice took action, not only creating a website, but also creating a Facebook page that compliments and connects to the new website. She also connected them to GoogleForNonprofit for organizational purposes.

Candice’s resourcefulness and creative problem solving also helped a local creative agency to properly search and deliver photography and videography to its audiences.

When the St. Louis native isn’t problem solving, Candice enjoys blogging, and recently started her own blog that focuses on life, positivity, and people/businesses that are creating change within the community. Candice earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and a Gender Studies Certificate for University of Missouri-St. Louis and hopes to obtain a master’s degree.

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