Understanding the Playbook

The Comprehensive Communications Playbook

For almost all of our projects, we leave our clients with a communications Playbook. The Playbook is a binder filled with marketing strategies and reminders specially tailored for the project at hand. A standard Playbook includes:

  • Brand Key Messages and Themes
  • A Stakeholder Grid
  • A Year Long Editorial Calendar
  • Traditional and Digital Marketing Overview
  • Social Media Samples and Guidelines
  • Content Repurpose Checklist
  • Media Contacts List
  • Project Press Releases and Media Alerts
  • as well as project notes, social media account credentials, and recommendations

We hope the Playbook serves as a complete manual for brand outreach efforts, so any member of your team can pick it up and effectively manage your brand’s message and content. 

Stakeholder Grid

The Stakeholder Grid is an in-depth breakdown of your brand’s audiences, their behaviors, their targeted message, and the method of outreach.

The Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar provides a 12 month overview of marketing strategies and opportunities based upon brand identity, holidays, social media trends, etc. We look forward twelve months and flesh out a calendar filled with content ideas, so your team can quickly and easily produce timely, interesting content for your audience.

Content Repurpose Checklist

When it comes to managing public relations and marketing for your business, it’s crucial to get “more than one bite out of the apple.” When your business shares engaging content publicly, whether it is an event, initiative, or trade news, it’s crucial to utilize multiple platforms. The Content Repurpose Checklist assures you are not missing any touchpoint with your content. It reminds your team that a piece shared on social media can easily be adapted into a newsletter or posted on your brand website, for example.