Hire AHC

In addition to being an expert meeting facilitator, Allison Hawk has experience teaching at universities and speaking at conferences and other organizations. She is happy to conduct a session or speak on the topics below and much more. If you are looking for expertise in these areas, connect with AHC here.

Topic Seminars and Classes
  • What is Thought Leadership? How to Become a Thought Leader?
  • Effective Applications of Social Media — Social Media 101
  • How to Use Sports to Connect in the Workplace — Workplace Culture and Camaraderie — March Madness Mindset (based off Allison’s book Talking a Good Game)
  • Effective leadership — How to Talk so People Will Listen
  • The Importance of Effective Communications Strategies for New Businesses– Early Implementation and Tactics
  • Management in Nonprofit Organizations
Conferences and Organizations where Allison has Led Sessions
  • St. Louis Federal Reserve
  • Missouri School Public Relations Association
  • NSC
  • University of Missouri at St. Louis
  • Washington University
  • Trinity University
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