Miriam: The Learning Disability Experts

In 2013, AHC Consulting executed the rebranding of “The Miriam Foundation” to “Miriam: The Learning Disability Experts.” We began with an organizational SWOT analysis to determine messaging and organizational goals of staff and the board. This process broadened the perspective of teachers, administrators and the board, allowing them to see the full range of Miriam’s capacity and programming. The result was stakeholders identifying Miriam staff as experts in working with children who struggle with complex learning disabilities. The rebranding added the tagline “The Learning and Disability Experts” to the logo, which has helped reposition the organization. Tactics included the implementation of a communications Playbook, a new website, social media, and signage, to name a few. The new positioning has been responsible, in part, for a 50% increase in Miriam’s clients and a waiting list for the school. This year, Miriam will likely achieve $1 million in revenue. A unified message, increased awareness and a specific tagline have helped in this effort.


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