Our Process

What separates AHC Consulting from our competitors is our process. Instead of offering standard solutions, we believe the process is as important as the results. We take a hands-on, considerate approach, leverage our vast experiences and connections, and apply forward-looking thinking to address each client’s unique needs.

When beginning any new project, we first like to become acquainted with your team, your brand, and your project’s successful outcomes. As outside observers, we have a unique chance to identify new opportunities and push your team to think bigger. Then, using techniques like a SWOT analysis, focus groups, and facilitated brainstorming sessions, we lay the ground work for a custom approach to success. Once we have a strong foundation and collective understanding, we can begin implementing strategic solutions. 

My team’s process-based approach educates current and prospective stakeholders on the mission and makes clear their role in executing it. By earning buy-in from a wide swath of stakeholders, we create the brand ambassadors, messaging, and branding that catalyze sustainable effortsThe results – a brand, communities, content, and communications Playbook – are solutions that are simple, strategic, and sustainable.

AHC Consulting exists to help organizations think bigger and accomplish more. Contact us today to discuss how my team can provide custom strategies specifically tailored to your short- and long-term goals.